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Sex Addiction FAQ

Sex addiction can be one of the most difficult mental health issues to recognize, and one that carries a lot of stigma in society. Below are some commonly asked questions about sex addiction. Please feel free and call us today at our Calgary Sex Addiction Counselling center if you have any questions you do not see here.

Q: Is Sex Addiction Real?

A: The line between healthy and unhealthy sexual desire can be a blurry one. But sex addiction is very real. Diagnosis needs to be completed by trained sex addiction professionals that can tell when a person is struggling with sex addiction and when they simply have a strong sexual appetite, but sex addiction is a growing problem that affects hundreds of people.

Q: How Can I Tell if I’m a Sex Addict?

A: Sex addiction, unlike healthy sexual appetites, is damaging to a person’s quality of life. It is risky, often socially taboo, and in many cases (although not all) the addict gets less and less fulfillment from their actions. Like any addiction, most want to stop but find they are unable to. Diagnosis from a trained sex addiction therapist is beneficial. Take our sex addiction screening test to find out more.

Q: What Counts as Sex Addiction?

A: Sex addiction is any addiction to actions or objects that relate to sexual desire. You can struggle with a sex addiction without sex, such as with pornography addiction, masturbation addiction, voyeurism, etc., and in some cases you may find yourself addicted to feelings of love and lust, but not sex itself. Sex addiction varies, but signs of addiction remain constant.

Q: I Watch Pornography Often. Am I a Pornography Addict?

A: Pornography addiction can be difficult to self diagnose. But if you find yourself watching pornography often, especially in inappropriate settings, and you struggle to be away from pornography long – especially when in a healthy relationship – then it is possible you have a pornography addiction.

Q: I Am a Partner of a Sex Addict. Am I Supposed to Forgive and Forget?

A: It is hard to repair from the hurt caused by sex addiction. Your decisions about maintaining the relationship and building back trust with your partner are going to be up to you. We recommend you focus first on your own recovery, because only after you recover can either of you consider rebuilding the relationship. Contact us today to find out more about our therapy for partners of sex addicts.

Q: Is Recovery Really Possible?

A: Sex addiction recovery is not a marketing ploy. By treating the sex addiction like other addictions, sex addiction can be overcome, and you can live a more emotionally healthy life with excellent intimacy. Sex addiction certainly has its challenges, but it is something that with work and commitment can be beaten. You have the potential to remain “sober” from sex addiction for years to come.

Q: I Am Not Ready to Talk About My Problems With Other People – Do You Have Individual Therapy?

A: Yes. One of the reasons that group therapy is recommended with addictions is because social support and accountability are some of the key tools to help combat urges. It helps to have others in similar situations to understand yourself, and to help you come to terms with your own addiction. But we also know that not everyone is ready or right for group therapy, and as trained clinical psychologists, we at Calgary Sex Addiction Counselling have years of experience working directly with individuals in one on one settings. Please contact us today at 403-879-2503 to find out more.

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