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sun will rise again” Victor Hugo

Characteristics of Sex Addicts

Most people enjoy sex. Sex and intimacy are a key component in a normal, well adjusted life, and a healthy interest in sexual behaviors is actually an important part of good emotional adjustment.

But many people also struggle with sex addiction, and sex addiction is a lot more problematic. When most people picture what a “sex addict” look likes, they assume that a sex addict is simply someone that enjoys sex more than everyone else. That is rarely the case. Sex addicts tend to have a lot of features that are very common with those of drug addicts and gambling addicts, and live a low quality of life as a result.

What Are Typical Features of Sex Addicts?

There is more than one type of sexual addiction, which means there is more than one type of sex addict. The following is a list of some of the features of sex addicts: (Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive, and you may find that you have qualities on this list but no sexual addiction, as well as qualities not on the list but still qualify for a sexual addiction diagnosis).

  • Significant Pre-Occupation with Sex – Sex isn’t simply something you think about often – it’s something you can’t help but think about, even in inappropriate situations. In many ways sex, nudity, or pornography are all consuming, and make it very hard to focus on work, friendships, etc.
  • Engagement in Risky Sexual Behaviors – Sex addicts are more likely to engage in some type of risky sexual behavior. Examples may include having sex with strangers, unprotected sex, engaging in potentially dangerous sexual lifestyles, aggression or violence during sex, viewing pornography in places that could cause significant issues if caught, etc.
  • History of Sexual Issues – Sex addicts sometimes, although not always, show some type of previous history that may have led to this sexual dysfunction. Examples include being the victim of rape or abuse, sexual dysfunction as the result of bipolar disorder, shaming sexual upbringing, experience in the sex industry, etc. Many sex addicts have no such history before sex addiction developed, however,  this is not necessarily true of all that struggle.
  • Escalation – Usually, although not always, sex addiction is something that escalates, because like drugs the “high” stops becoming enough of a high over time. If it seems as though the risks and behaviors are getting worse, that may be a sign of a sex addiction.

Sexual addiction can affect both men and women, and can affect those of almost any age. They tend to be something that is built over time unless caused by trauma or medication. Sex addicts, though, don’t always fit a typical mold. If you’d like to learn more about sex addicts and sexual addiction, give CALGARY SEX ADDICTION COUNSELLING a call today at 403-879-2503.

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