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Types of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction affects a tremendous percentage of the population, and as psychologists get a better understanding of sexual addiction, there is a greater number of people that can clearly benefit from the help that therapy provides.

One of the reasons that sex addiction has been so hard to diagnose in the past is because there are different ways that sexual addiction can take shape. Just like drug addiction can be to specific drugs (marijuana, cocaine, prescription, etc.) so too can sex addiction take many forms.

Examples of Possible Sex Addiction

Sexual addictions manifest in a variety of different sexual experiences. The following are some examples of the types of sex addiction that a person may display, yet this list is not comprehensive because every individual’s sexual desire is different.

NOTE: Because there is a difference between sexual addiction and healthy sexual desires, some of the items on these list are considered a “normal” part of day to day life. If you’re unsure whether you would qualify for a sex addiction or healthy sexual function, take our online test or give us a call today at PHONE NUMBER for an assessment.

  • Overwhelming Nonspecific Sexual Desire – Not all sex addiction is going to have a specific feature. For some, the feature may simply be a constant need for sex and sexual gratification, either through sexual encounters with partner(s), masturbation, pornography, stranger sex, one night stands, and so on. It is possible to have a sexual addiction that doesn’t fit into any one specific bubble, but does cause a constant need for sexual gratification and similar addiction symptoms.
  • Pornography Addiction – Pornography addiction is an overwhelming need to obtain and view pornography, with our without masturbation. Pornography addiction occurs when a person is viewing pornography often, especially in inappropriate settings with great frequency. In some cases, the need for pornography may outweigh the need for healthy sexual function, and the individual may struggle with sex in non-pornography settings. They may also need to integrate unusual sexual habits that they experienced because of pornography.
  • Anonymous Sex Addiction – Some sex addiction manifests itself in the form of anonymous sex. Anonymous sex is frequent sex with strangers, often (although not always) very quickly after meeting them with little interest in their history or any future relationship. In some cases, names may not be known. It differs from a traditional one night stand in that anonymous sex is less discriminating for partners, tends to be less enjoyable, and may involve more risk – like sex in public or sex with someone that may be dangerous (with or without protection).
  • Chronic Infidelity – Though very difficult to diagnose, another form of sex addiction is chronic infidelity, where the individual is in an otherwise healthy relationship but frequently cheats on that relationship in multiple sexual settings, usually with many different partners. This is one of the most sensitive issues in sex addiction, as many believe that sex addiction is an excuse. The key differentiator is the way the individual feels about the infidelity and how they feel about their current relationship.
  • Prostitution or Paying for Sex – Though for some this may simply be an outlet for their overall sexual gratification needs, others are addicted to paying for sex, and their addiction comes from the taboo nature of sexual payments. Not only can paying for sex be an addiction, but in some rare cases the desire to receive money for sex may also be a form of sex addiction, though this is less common.
  • Masturbation Addiction – Some may find that they are addiction to self gratification, or masturbation addiction. Some self gratification may be healthy. Masturbation addiction, however, generally involves masturbation multiple times a day, often (though not always) in settings where it is inappropriate, such as a workplace, school, or outdoors. This may or may not be related to a pornography addiction.
  • Fetishism – Fetishism can be normal sexual function, but in its addiction form the desire to have sex with or think about the object of the fetish may be overwhelming. For example, a foot fetish can be a perfectly normal sexual experience, but a man that steals shoes from women regularly because the desire is too overwhelming may be struggling with a fetish related sex addiction.
  • Aggressive or Illegal Sexual Activity –There are also many different sexual addictions related to possibly dangerous activity. For example, voyeurism addiction may involve finding secretive ways to watch people during sex or various states of undress. S&M can be a part of normal sexual function, but in some cases an addict may be forcing it on a partner that is less willing. In some cases, sex addiction can lead to issues like rape, pedophilia, and incest depending on the type of addiction and its severity. Each of these needs to be addressed early.

These are only a small portion of the ways that sex addiction can manifest. To learn more about treatment for sex addiction including an initial (free) sexual addiction screening assessment, please visit  If you are a partner, take the Partner Sexuality Survey.  If you want to learn more about your specific sex addiction issues or concerns contact CALGARY SEX ADDICTION COUNSELLING today at 403-879-2503.

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