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Sex Addiction Terms and Terminology

Sex addiction is a common condition affecting as many as 5% of the population, and although there are different signs and symptoms of sexual addiction, all sexual addiction can lead to distress for both the addict and their families, long term health issues, long term mental health issues, and much more.

But sexual addiction is also difficult for many people to understand. After all, most people can relate to the idea of wanting sex. What is hard for people to see – including those with the sexual addiction – is how to tell the difference between healthy sexual desire and when that desire has gone over the top.

Terminology in Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is also prone to a lot of terminology. Some of this terminology is casual and slang based, and may be ways that people refer to sex addiction in a way to minimize it or act like it isn’t important. Others are terms that are commonly used in settings to address sex addiction. The following is some common sex addiction terminology.

Terms for Sex Addicts

Each of these may be a term used to describe sex addiction. Use of these terms may be used by others as a way to minimize addiction, or may be slang to refer to people that struggle with the addiction. These terms include:

  • Sexaholic
  • Sexual Compulsive
  • Porn Addict
  • Compulsive Cheater
  • Sexual Deviant

Terms for Sexual Behaviors and Sex Addiction

The following terms may be used in the context of sex addiction, whether in therapy or casually by those that are assisting with sex addiction and recovery:

  • Abstinence – Avoiding all sexual activity.
  • Acting Out – Sex actions that are the result of stress or compulsion.
  • Anonymous Sex – Sex with a stranger, without necessarily learning their name or history.
  • Choice – The willingness of the partner to engage in the sexual activity.
  • Compulsion – An activity you “have” to do.
  • Enabling – The activities by an individual to promote the behavior.
  • Intervention – A group effort to address a negative behavior.
  • Masturbation Addiction – Addiction to masturbation, often in taboo settings.
  • Obsession – The inability to stop thinking about a specific situation or person.
  • Pornography Addiction – Addiction to internet pornography, with or without masturbation.
  • Recovery – The process or period of time during which the sex addict is trying to make changes.
  • S&M – Bondage sexual activity, as either the aggressor or the recipient.
  • Slips – Sexual activity during a period of recovery. Considered to be mistakes.
  • Stranger Sex – Sexual encounters with those known for very short periods of time.

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