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Indicators of Sex Addiction – How to Tell You Are a Sex Addict

Sex addiction is an addiction like any other. For the person struggling with the addiction, it can hard to admit to yourself that the addiction is a problem. It doesn’t matter if the addiction is drugs, alcohol, gambling, or sex – when you’re struggling with addiction, the last thing you want to admit to yourself is that you have a problem.

Difficult to Ignore Sex Addiction Signs and Indicators

Yet there are often “aha” moments that start to help you realize that there might be a problem. Although there are multiple types of sex addiction, there are often some signs that indicate that you (or someone you love) is struggling with sex addiction. Some of these indicators include:

  • More Drive With Less Enjoyment

One of the clearest signs of sex addiction are when the satisfaction you receive from sex starts to decrease, yet you start to seek it more. In some cases you may have to do sexual activities that are riskier, or more frequent, and the satisfaction you receive from that intercourse isn’t getting much better. This is an issue with all addictions – when it order to get the same “high” you have to push your addiction further and further.

  • Increasingly More Taboo

Those that struggle with sex addiction often engage in their sexual behaviors in increasingly inappropriate locations. Some may look at pornography in places like school, work, church, while their family is around, and more. Some may meet men or women in increasingly inappropriate locations. Some may start to engage in more aggressive sex, or start to push their behaviors in ways that may be illegal or perceived as immoral. Once you notice you’re going much further than you ever expected and you want to get even more taboo, that may be an indicator of sex addiction.

  • No Stopping Even After Quality of Life Suffers

Another common indicator of sexual addiction is when your life is negatively affected by your sexual experiences, but you don’t seem to slow down. An example of this is when you start spending too much money on sex to the point of distress, and yet still spend what little money you have on more. Or damaging your relationship with your partner, yet not stopping the sexual experiences. The more you continue to move forward despite problems with your behaviors, the more that’s a sign of an addiction.

  • Significant Distress

Finally, the presence of distress with regards to these sexual activities is already a warning sign. Sex and intimacy are supposed to be the best components of a happy and healthy life. If your sexual activities are causing you distress instead of joy, before, during, or after, and yet you continue to do them more and more, that is a significant red flag indicating you may have a sex addiction.


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